Sneaker reselling is a lucrative business, with limited-edition footwear going for up to $100,000. Just like the stock market, the sneaker business is about buying low and selling high. What began as a niche market for collectors and hobbyists has grown to a billion-dollar industry. 

How to Get That Elusive Pair

With so many sneakerheads competing for a few shoes, only those with the right skills and experience can beat the competition. The trick is knowing which releases attract the best prices in the market. You must also know when, how, and where to buy and sell your sneakers. Here are five crucial tips to help you start a successful sneaker reselling business.

Learn the Basics and Get Ready  

The business of reselling sneakers is not as complex as you might think. You can focus on retailer exclusives, sneakers available via a raffle system, or those released across multiple platforms. Once you identify your market, create an online account on retailing sites, and pay attention to new releases and limited-edition sneakers. 

Many shoe flippers are using online technology to prevent shoppers from lining up for hours in front of their stores. This means most shoppers always compete with sneaker bots. To stand a chance, you need to open multiple accounts and use a CAPTCHA proxy to circumvent security measures used by retailers on their sites.

Time to Perfection  

Proper timing is the secret to success in sneaker copping and reselling. Since millions of people across the globe are competing for a rare pair of Yeezes or Jordans, you need to be quick enough to be among the few who snatch the new releases. It’s also a good practice to subscribe to newsletters from websites that post updates, tricks, and other information about sneakers. 

Like with any other limited-edition item, timing is critical when copping sneakers. This is because you’re contending for the few pieces with thousands of other sneakerheads and even bots. Stay ahead of the pack by having everything ready. Pre-populate sites with your payment information and enable auto-fill to prepare for the big day.

Know Where to Shop  

Knowing when new releases happen is one thing; getting hold of them is a different thing altogether. While getting first dibs from online sneaker websites is crucial, knowing where to buy the new releases is equally important.

Finding the right seller, whether it’s a consignment shop or an official retailer store, allows you to get the best deal. Some shops may sell higher, ripping you off and eating into your profits. Get apps such as Nike SNKRS, GOAT, and StockX as they provide early release information and exclusive sneaker offers.

Find the Rarest Sneakers  

Hype and buzz about a sneaker type are largely driven by its rarity. The rarer the shoe, the higher the price – simple economics. If you stock a few pairs of the rarest sneakers, you can resell them at a very good price. Most sneaker stores run raffles whenever they’re selling limited-edition releases. Beating the rest and ensuring you get at least a pair means entering as many raffles as you can. That translates to having many accounts and using a CAPTCHA proxy to log into the retailer’s site safely and efficiently. 

Join Exclusive Groups and Communities  

Collecting sneakers has led to the formation of various groups consisting of sneaker fanatics and purists. Joining such groups on social media can keep you abreast with the latest news and knowledge about the industry. Since sneakers are becoming part of investment portfolios, corporations such as Philips and Sotheby’s have teams dedicated to buying and reselling sneakers.

Join such sneakerhead communities or follow their pages on social media to get tips and crucial information about market trends. While communicating online and turning on your notifications increases your chances of succeeding in the industry, you must also shop under the radar to prevent retailers from banning your IP address if you use too many accounts.

It All Boils Down to Research

To start a sneaker reselling business, proper research, good timing, and joining special sneaker communities are among the best practices. Reselling sneakers can be a fun way of making money, but you should always have the right copping tools with you. Join any Discord, Slack, or Reddit groups and meet other collectors, resellers, and seasoned sneakerheads who share invaluable information about the market.