Honolulu is the bustling island city on the popular Hawaiian island of Oahu. It is the perfect vacation destination for anybody seeking warmer weather in a tropical paradise and is especially good for family trips. It has a range of attractions and activities to keep children of all ages entertained so you are guaranteed fun for the whole family.

Where to stay Honolulu

If you are travelling with the whole family, accommodation is an important consideration. You want a place where everyone will be comfortable but that is also central to all of the major attractions. There is no shortage of accommodation options in Honolulu but if you are looking for family-friendly accommodation, it is probably best to consider a hotel or resort, or Airbnb rental.

Hotels and Resorts Honolulu

Honolulu is known for its resorts so if it is luxury that you are after, the city will deliver. A hotel or resort can be a good option for families as you will have everything you need at your fingertips. Most places have an on-site pool and restaurant for the days you simply want to relax. To truly make your vacation memorable, splurge on a stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It is a town in its own with 90 shops and 20 restaurants in its complex. It is also located right on the beach, so you will have the choice of the ocean or the resort pools for a refreshing dip.

Airbnb Honolulu Hawaii

Another great option for family-friendly accommodation in Honolulu is Airbnb. You will be able to rent a self-contained property in a good location, often for a fraction of the price of a fancy hotel or resort. It also means you will have space for everyone and your own kitchen to cook meals, something that will help the budget in the relatively expensive city of Honolulu.


Things international visitors need to know when travelling to Honolulu

Hawaii is known around the world for being an epic island holiday destination. This means it receives a huge number of international visitors each year who come from all different countries to experience the tropical paradise for themselves. If you are one of these people, prepare to be amazed. From the moment you touch down at Honolulu’s International Airport, you will begin to wind down. There is something about island life that is hugely refreshing.


While Honolulu is a city well designed to cater to international guests, there are a couple of things you will need to be aware of to ensure your trip goes smoothly. The first thing to understand is entry requirements into the USA. The requirements differ depending on your country of residence so you will want to spend some time conducting some research to see what preparations you will personally have to make before your trip. This is especially important when travelling with a family as there is nothing more inconvenient than trying to entertain the children while you navigate issues at customs!


For anybody who is a citizen of a country belonging to the Visa Waiver Program, you will not need a visa to enter the USA. You will however need to complete a usa esta formbefore your travels. It is best to do this at least a few weeks before your departure date to ensure your paperwork is processed and approved before you leave. This way, you will not have the stress of dealing with problems right before you leave for your trip.


The entire esta application checkprocess is straightforward. It is completed entirely online, and you will simply need to complete your details, pay a fee, and submit for processing. It does not make you exempt from passing through customs upon arrival, but it will make the processing quicker. Think of the ESTA as a pre-check that will help customs officers determine your eligibility to enter the country. The customs officers will check your ESTA and ask you a few questions before letting you pass through.


The second thing you need to be aware of is the current Covid-19 situation. Obviously, the health and safety of your family is your top priority. Make sure you take the necessary precautions to ensure your family remains safe during the pandemic. It is also worth checking Covid-19 hotspot maps so you can avoid any areas with extreme outbreaks.


Things to do in Honolulu with the family


From fireworks to Sea Life Park to lazy days by the pool, Honolulu has so much to offer families. Here is a collection of attractions and activities you will not want to miss on your next family vacation.

Honolulu Family Events

  • Honolulu Zoo Twilight Tours

Get a whole different experience of the zoo by visiting at twilight when the day crowds have left for the day.


  • Eat the Street

If you happen to be in the city on the last Friday of the month you cannot miss Eat the Street, a food festival with over 40 stalls!

Things to do in Honolulu at night

  • Fireworks

Every Friday night, Hawaiian Hilton Village hosts a firework show that is great fun for the whole family.


  • Ghost Tour

Looking for something spooky? Oahu Ghost Tours offers a unique experience, although this one may be better suited for the teenagers!

Honolulu Concerts

Honolulu hosts a range of different artists and acts each year so check out what is on during your visit – you never know who might be playing!


For some local music, check out one of the many Luaus. You will hear some great island music and might even be able to learn the hula.

Family Restaurants in Honolulu

There is no shortage of great family restaurants in Honolulu. In fact, the biggest challenge you will face is picking where to eat! This will be made even harder if your resort or hotel has its own restaurant as you will likely be able to enjoy delicious food without going anywhere.


The Hard Rock Cafe or The Old Spaghetti Factory are good options that will satisfy the whole family.

Honolulu Sunrise

If you think you can drag the whole family out of bed early enough, do not miss a famous Hawaiian sunrise. Waimanalo Beach is about a 30-minute drive from Waikiki and will offer a great sunrise view, or Koko Head if you are willing to do the hike.