Slot games have always been popular, from the 19th century right through the 20th century and up until today. They’ve developed from clunky machines into sophisticated online programmes that form part of a multi-billion-pound global industry.

A vast amount of money gets recycled in iGaming. For instance, the gamblers deposit cash into their e-wallets and wager it on games, the online casinos such as make money, plough it back into paying games designers and developers to release new content, and it all goes full circle back to the gamblers again.

Nowadays, mobile slots are a million miles away from the slots machines you probably used to see in the corners of your local pub. The content is regularly updated, they feature contemporary television and film characters, and they have some of the best graphics you’ll see anywhere.

Why do people choose mobile slots?

It’s no exaggeration to say that people are signing up to mobile slots in their millions. It’s estimated that in the UK today, over 30 million have online casino accounts. That’s around half the population of the UK. Why is this? Because of the incredible convenience it offers the users. 

It’s far more convenient to play with a portable device like your mobile phone than on a desktop PC. People are using their mobiles for more and more these days, and online gambling is no different. It’s easier and simpler.

  • There’s a wider choice of games with better gameplay mechanics
  • You can play whenever and wherever you want, 24/7
  • Statistically, there’s a higher chance of you winning due to more generous RTP rates

What’s more, there’s another massive benefit too. With the progressive jackpot slots games, the more people that sign up and play, the better. Some of the prizes are astronomical.

Englishman Jon Heywood won £13,209,300 in 2015, after betting 25p. What was he using? You’ve guessed it. He was playing mobile slots on his iPhone. Still not convinced?

There have been other countless examples like the Scandinavian man who won €17,861,800 from a 25-cent spin on his mobile device.

It’s worth a spin

It’s common to find RTP percentages in the mid-90s on mobile slots games. When you compare this to traditional casinos, they’re much higher on your mobile. As an example, the ones in Las Vegas are around the 75% RTP mark.

With more generous RTP percentages and higher prizes available, what’s not to like? What’s more, it should also be said that any online casino site that is licenced by the UK Gambling Commission ensures total fair play anyway, so you’ll not be scammed or subjected to fraudulent behaviour provided you’re on a bona fide site.

The UKGC work hard to make sure that the sites’ RNGs (random number generators) are just that – random. Should there be any discrepancies, the casino site will need to rectify it quickly.

Bearing all this in mind, it is definitely worth betting on mobile slots sites. Providing you can manage your time spent betting to avoid gambling addiction, as well as limit your bankroll to realistic and sustainable amounts, mobile slots can provide a lifetime of fun and escapism.