Roofs in Texas have a hard life.  Texas has brutally hot summers that break down the shingles of roofs.  Not only that, but Texas is part of Tornado Alley.  Between the hot summers and the high winds, it is quite normal to need roofing repairs.

There are many things that consumers are worried about when they need a Plano, Texas roof repair. From licensing to workmanship, looking for a roofing repair contractor that can be trusted is a difficult job.


The bad news is that roofers in the state of Texas are not required to get a license to do roofing repairs.  The good news is that some cities such as Plano require roofing contractors to get a permit if they are repairing more than 25% of the roof.  To get that permit, the city requires a final roof inspection.  In this way, you will know whether or not the job was done properly if the roofer did not have a license.

But to be safe, a consumer should look for a licensed roofer right from the start. Even though the state of Texas does not require a license it is in the best interests of the roofing company to seek licensure. Some cities will not issue permits without licensure or city registration.

Consumers naturally have more faith in a roofing contractor who has a license to do their repair.  Getting a license requires the roofer to pass a licensing exam, so the consumer knows that the roofer has certain knowledge and skills to pass the exam.

Having a license also calms consumer fears about getting scammed.  It is unlikely a roofer will go to all the extra trouble of getting a license if they are going to disappear after the job is complete, or if they are going to leave in the middle of the job.  Consumers should always ask to see the license if they are not familiar with the work of the roofing repair contractor.

In the case of the state of Texas, knowing that the roofer is not required to get a license can make a consumer feel more confident in their choice if that contractor did go the extra mile to get a license.

Not only does a roofer have to show knowledge and skills to get a license there are other paperwork requirements.  These requirements are in place to protect the consumer.  A roofer has to provide credit and business references and they have to pass a safety exam.  Also, the company must carry liability insurance.  It is interesting to note that the company itself does not get licensed – each roofer has to pass the licensing exam and show his knowledge and skills.


When people talk among themselves about needing a roofing repair, their first worry is usually about workmanship.  Consumers need to be assured that the roofer stands behind his work.

One way roofing repair companies can alleviate those fears is by posting pictures on their website.  They can show before and after shots.  They can also post testimonials from other customers on their websites.  Most companies realize that word of mouth is an important part of marketing.

Another fear that homeowners face with roofing repairs is fraud.  No one wants to be scammed.  Most consumers know that they should never pay in full upfront.  But some roofers will take the partial payment, do a partial job, and disappear.

Companies have also been known to do the repair, receive full payment and then the consumer finds out the workmanship is shoddy.  The roof leaks again and the company is nowhere to be found.  These are legitimate concerns.

One way a roofing repair contractor can show his good workmanship is to offer a warranty on his workmanship.  A warranty is a written guarantee that if the repair is defective during a given time period, then the roofer will fix it without cost to the homeowner.

There are two different kinds of warranties when it comes to roofing.  The first is the warranty offered by the manufacturer of the materials used in the repair.  When the manufacturer says the roof will last for 25 years, what they are talking about is that the shingles will last 25 years or they will replace them.  They are talking about the shingles only – they aren’t talking about the cost of labor to reinstall the defective shingles.

This is why there is a second warranty involved in roofing repairs: the workmanship warranty.  The workmanship warranty can get very complicated.

Sometimes a manufacturer will say their warranty is for a lifetime.  But what one company means by lifetime might be very different from what the consumer thinks of as a lifetime.  Climate and materials in Plano Texas can make a big difference.  Also, a consumer will want to know if that warranty can be transferred to the next owner of the house. In addition, most warranties are prorated – meaning the manufacturer reduces the amount of coverage based on the amount of time that has passed since installation. This is why you need to engage with a local to Plano TX roof repair company. So you know you are dealing with professionals who not only know their craft, but also know about the local nuances and factors that can affect your roof.

The workmanship warranty covers installation and labor.  This is the part that really counts.  After comparing different companies, here are the best roofing warranties offered:

  • The contractor should offer 10 years of coverage on workmanship. The industry standard is 1 or 2 years of workmanship coverage, and many companies offer 5 years of coverage on workmanship.  If the company offers 10 years’ coverage it is a good warranty and would be a good company to choose from.
  • The manufacturer should offer 25 years or more on materials coverage that is not prorated. Looking at the top 6 manufacturers, the range is between 5 and 50 years of coverage on materials, some prorated and some not prorated.

It is well worth the time to check the manufacturer’s warranty and see what it really says.  Some cover defects, some don’t.  Most manufacturers do not charge extra to get the warranty, some charge extra for the coverage.

  • Also, be sure the coverage is transferrable to the next owner. It may help sell the house when the time comes.

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