Your doctor has reason to believe that one of the reasons you’re not feeling well has to do with a lack of restful sleep. That means it’s time to find out what’s happening with your sleep. One approach is to check into a sleep lab and undergo monitoring. Another solution is to take home the necessary equipment and undergo a home sleep study. Here are some of the benefits of choosing the latter solution. 

A More Comfortable Setting

There’s no doubt that sleeping in your own bed is likely to be more comfortable than attempting to sleep in a lab. A lot of factors figure into this assumption. One is that you’re in a setting you know well. There’s also not the sense of being watched, something that could also make it difficult to doze off. 

Today’s monitors are relatively easy to set up. That makes it all the easier to settle into bed and forget the equipment is there. While you sleep, it’s recording what’s happening. What could be easier? 

The Convenience Factor

What would it take to arrange things so you could spend time in a sleep lab? Depending on how far you have to travel, it could mean having to rework quite a bit of the daily routine. It may be necessary to leave work early or let tasks around the house go for a few days. You may also have to make some changes in how you spend your evenings. 

All the way around, you’re likely to find the sleep study at home more convenient. You won’t have to change anything about your day or your evenings. The only thing that changes is you set up the equipment and make sure everything is activated before settling in to sleep. 

A More Affordable Approach

Another factor to consider is the cost associated with sleep studies. How will you cover the cost if you don’t have health insurance or if you have little to no benefits in your insurance that relate to studies in a sleep lab? If you don’t have the cash, dealing with a payment plan creates one more hassle to face. 

Alternatively, a home sleep study tends to be less expensive. Your health insurance is more likely to cover all or most of the cost. Even if you don’t have health coverage, getting a medical loan to cover the cost will be less of a problem. 

Reliable Results

There was a time when the results of sleep studies conducted at home were considered questionable. Those days are past. Thanks to advances in technology that make the setup a simple process and the smaller size of the equipment, it’s no problem to achieve accurate and reliable results. 

The equipment you bring home will come with instructions about general care and how to know that the machine is operating properly. Many physicians also provide phone numbers that patients can call if they have any questions. These safeguards further help to ensure that the results of your test are accurate and complete. 

Keep in mind that it may take a little time for the study results to be analyzed. Once that’s done, they’re forwarded to your doctor and a treatment plan can be implemented. Before long, you’ll be sleeping soundly and feeling better than you have in a long time.