Every patient with prostate malignancies wants to receive innovative cancer treatment. However, due to the different levels of medicine development in different countries, it is not always possible. That is why medical tourism is gaining popularity in recent years. With its help, any patient can undergo treatment in the best clinics of the world.

One of the most innovative methods of cancer treatment to date is Lutetium-177 therapy. You can undergo this procedure in the best hospitals in Europe. This type of treatment is more effective than conventional irradiation, as well as safer for the patient. Thousands of patients have already undergone this type of treatment and were satisfied with the result.

Reasons for choosing European clinics

There are a lot of reasons to choose European medicine. This is confirmed by its high popularity among patients from all over the world.

The main, but not the only strength of foreign hospitals is the use of the latest treatment methods and up-to-date equipment. With their help, doctors are able to treat the most complex types of cancer.

In addition, treatment in Europe is recognized as one of the most cost-effective in the world. One of the most advanced countries in the area of medicine is Germany. With a high level of medical services, the cost of treatment here is affordable.

In addition, large European hospitals have departments for work with international patients. Here you may receive the information about the required documents and the possibility of being admitted to the hospital according to the waiting list.

A modern approach to oncology treatment

Despite the fact that the main method of oncology treatment is still surgical, every year more and more effective methods of treatment are developed. One of the most recent discoveries of scientists is the treatment with the help of the radioactive Lutetium isotope.

Lutetium-177 therapy is an advanced type of radionuclide therapy. This method is successfully used in metastatic prostate cancer treatment. Lutetium PSMA therapy targets specifically PSMA receptors on the surface of prostate cancer cells.

Once the drug binds to the cancer cells, they begin to die under the influence of radiation. After the procedure, more than 70% of patients note an improvement in well-being. In patients with advanced prostate cancer, this leads to an increase in life expectancy by several years.

Advantages of treatment with Lutetium

The popularity of this method is quite high, which is confirmed by its effectiveness. The list of advantages of using Lutetium for cancer treatment includes:

  • Possibility of administration in poor effect from other treatment options.
  • The minimal invasiveness of the procedure, only one injection is required.
  • Minimal risk of side effects after treatment.
  • Higher efficiency compared to conventional radiotherapy.
  • Minimal risk to the patient’s health during treatment.
  • Possibility of administration at advanced stages of prostate cancer.

Best places to be treated

The largest number of specialized clinics is located in Germany. German hospitals have long been known for the high quality of medical services, so international patients often undergo treatment here. In European clinics, you will be treated with maximum comfort.

The leading medical center with world renown is University hospital Heidelberg. Due to the vast clinical experience of doctors, this medical center is known all over the world. The effectiveness of prostate cancer treatment here is one of the highest ones.

The Charite University Hospital Berlin is also on the list. Every year more than one million patients from all over the world are treated here. The hospital demonstrates the best results in all areas of oncology treatment.

Treatment abroad

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